Electric Eye Systems has installed cctv systems for a wide variety of business sectors.  We custom configure every system to fit your companies individual needs.  Here are just a few examples of how a surveillance system from Electric Eye Systems can benefit your company:




Shoplifting is a major concern in any retail location.  We'll configure a system to give you the extra eyes you need to keep these criminals at bay.


Employee Theft

Employee Theft & Fraud

Catch and deter employee theft and fraud.  Surveillance systems protect your valuable assets and ultimately lower your bottom line.


Recreation & LeisureParks, Resorts and Other Recreational Sites

Give guests that extra feeling of security and let them know that you care about their safety.  If your location also has a swimming area a surveillance system is a necessity.  Protect your investment and attract more guests in the process.


Boat Marina

Boat Launches & Marinas

Marinas make a prime target for would be thieves.  A monitoring system will protect these valuable vessels and give their owners peace of mind.


Construction Workers

Construction and Development Areas

Monitor day to day activities and keep an eye on unsafe work practices.  Promote on-site productivity, efficiency and safety. 


Students On Campus Educational Institutions

Now more than ever, safety in our educational institutions is of the utmost importance.  Parents expect a safe environment for their children.  Surveillance systems allow you to remain one step ahead of potential problems.